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We Know you’re busy, so this free Discovery Call only takes 15 minutes of your time. Building an awesome product, on the other hand, takes longer. If you’ve got a long-term vision and agree that building great software requires time, effort and experrtise, this call is perfect for you.


Average cost reduction for engineering staff aug costs


Increased time to market(TTM)


Available resources for increased efficiency in onboarding engineers and project task management


Average crash rate through delivering high quality code and minimal technical debt

During your free discovery call, you’ll talk 1:1 with a seasoned developer (not a salesperson). With no hard sell and zero obligation, we want to discuss your project and discover the next steps together.

This direct engagement ensures an in-depth understanding of your technical requirements from day one which promises a more accurate project feasibility analysis.

Our developers can offer immediate, actionable insights by drawing from their extensive experience and knowledge of quality control, data security, and project management practices. In other words, we don’t want to chat sales. We want to start shaping your project with actual creators from the start.

Here’s what you’ll get to help you find your way forward.

No-Strings Attached Support


Seriously, don’t wait for an inevitable hard sell… because there isn’t one. This call is 100% obligation-free and provided to help you get started on the path to something awesome.

Here’s what you’ll get to help you find your way forward.

Immediate Insights & Solutions


Chat with a developer who can articulate the process and strategize the approach whether we’re talking about team sizes, skill sets, rough budgets or timelines.

Here’s what you’ll get to help you find your way forward.

Personalized Guidance


You’ll hang up the phone after 15 minutes with a clear understanding of your technical requirements ( and a sense of clarity).

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love to build products that make a real difference. With 20+ years of experience and a boatload of awesome apps and SaaS products behind us, we’ll help you navigate the difficult path of making an exciting product come to life. 

You value your time (and so do we), so let’s set a few ground rules. This Chat is for you if you’re an ambitious, forward-thinking disruptor, entrepreneur or organization.

Yep, that’s the only ground rule

We love hearing from people with BIG ambitions whether you’re at the start or nearing the end of your product’s journey to market.

This Discovery Call is for you if:


You’re a successful business owner or C-level executive to make game-changing software.


You understand that premium products require a serious investment and you’re excited to find a dev team who shares your vision.


You’re willing to do things the right way (not the quick way) for a finished product.


Happy clients.

We are overwhelmed. Not only by the results, but also by the process and the transparency.

Bennett Kim

Bennett Kim

CEO at ZNest


“Pineapple has been a great help in allowing us to bring Poker Power to more women and drive greater industry change.”

Erin Lydon

Erin Lydon

President at Poker Power


“Pineapple has been a great help in allowing me to bring Dormie Workshop to more golf lovers and grow the business.”

Julian Marentette

Julian Marentette

Marketing Director at Dormie Workshop


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You’ve Got a Bright Idea. We’ve Got a Brilliant Team. Let’s See IF We’re a Good Fit.

Building software and digital products without a plan is like navigating an uncharted sea. It might look like
you’re heading in the right direction, but you’ll soon be lost. Book your free Discovery Call today to stay on
track and take a massive step towards executing your vision.

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Leslie Alexander

Robert Fox

Jacob Jones

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Hey, We’re Anthony and Adam…

And we’re behind Pineapple, a world-class custom software development company that’s grown from $0 to over $4M in revenue in just 3 years.

How did we make that happen?

With a proven process that’s delivered hundreds of apps for entrepreneurs, founders and business owners who needed help turning their “lightbulb moment” ideas into awesome products.

Unlike other outsourced development shops, Pineapple is run by engineers. We’re not just founders, we’re nerdy coders ourselves and serve as development managers and mentors for the team.

More than anything, we believe building apps has unlimited potential and it’s our goal to help you realize yours.


Anthony Wentzel

Partner and CEO

Adam Duro

Partner and Chief Architect