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You can’t control your customers or competitors but you can control who to partner with when bringing your ideas to life. At Pineapple, we help you navigate the challenges of building awesome software while helping you save time, money and hassle.

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Why Choose Us


Average cost reduction for engineering staff aug costs


Increased time to market(TTM)


Available resources for increased efficiency in onboarding engineers and project task management


Average crash rate through delivering high quality code and minimal technical debt

Hey, We’re Pineapple

But you’re unsure what to look for in the right development partner, struggling to find a good budget fit, or too busy to oversee every process?

A bad development partnership feels like a long-distance relationship. Communication is hit and miss, you don’t always feel heard, and it becomes difficult to stay positive about the outcome the longer things go on.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs or organizations, the stress you’re under to move your project forward can become overwhelming. Whether you’re trying to troubleshoot problems, in a never-ending search for reliable freelancers, or facing a looming deadline without the support you need, the underlying question is the same…

Let’s Dial Down the Pressure Because You Don’t Need to Carry the Burden Alone

Whether you’re looking to build a custom software solution from scratch or you’re in charge of a rescue mission, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. Our experienced and skilled team can help you solve your software issues with a holistic approach that targets ROI long before a single line of code is written.

If you’ve ever said any of these things… we can help!
  • I want to bring my product to market…

    Without cutting corners or risking quality.

  • I want to feel confident my product is in safe hands…

    Without worrying about bugs, budget blowouts or missed deadlines.

  • I want to invest in my product to give it the support it needs to succeed…

    And the confidence to move forward whether you’re building an MVP or pitching to investors.

  • I want to spend my time in the most efficient way…

    Without having to micro-manage freelancers and contractors.

  • I want to build my dream product…

    Without trading in my free time, overspending, or losing my sanity.

Ready to see if we’re the right fit for you?

Today, we partner with ambitious disruptors, entrepreneurs and organizations who share that same vision. If that describes you, we want to hear from you.

Book a 15-Minute Discovery Call

It’s like a digital coffee date (with no hard sell)


Some of our recent clients

Pineapple is a full-service digital product development and strategy firm that delivers game-changing software for awesome companies (like yours).







Using 20+ years of experience as a full-service digital product development and strategy firm, we turn your ideas into reality.

Our clients are big-picture thinkers who want more than flashy apps or marketable software - they want to deliver products that drive results.

As your product grows from an idea to reality, it’s crucial your development team has a process in place to stay results-focused. It’s possible to create something valuable that also drives ROI without chasing endless freelancers or being burned by big agencies who see you as an account number.

At Pineapple, we help deliver results with an all-in-one service including Audits, Discoveries, Builds and Rollovers. 


Call us pest controllers because we’ll spot the bugs and help you optimize maintainability, scalability, performance, and security.

Technical Audit

UI/UX Audit

Business Process Audit


Prevention is more time and cost-effective than correction. Popular (and profitable) products start with an in-depth discovery process.

User Research

Requirements Gathering

Product Design


We’re problem solvers by heart and builders by profession. Through forward planning we minimize risks while improving quality.

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Quality Assurance & Testing

Deployment & Maintenance


Bolster your in-house team with leading tech talent. Adapt, expand, and support your product so you can get to market faster.

Hiring & Recruiting

Training & Onboarding

Development Services

Project Management

Book a 15-Minute Discovery Call

It’s like a digital coffee date (with no hard sell)

Why Choose Us

At Pineapple, There Are Plenty of Reasons Why Ambitious People and Organizations Turn to Us.

We’re in This Together

We don’t see ourselves as a contractor but as a partner on your exciting journey to make something that’s a). Impactful and b). successful.

We don’t see ourselves as a contractor but as a partner on your exciting journey to make something that’s a). Impactful and b). successful.

We Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

There’s nothing worse than being promised the world, or the realization you’ve been hearing “yes” when you should have been hearing the truth. 

At Pineapple, we understand the pressure you’re under to deliver your product on time and on budget. Our team is made up of skilled developers who have been there, done that, and delivered bug-free and user-friendly software to prove it. Whatever the project, our job is to find the right solution.

We Are Obsessed With Communication

We’ve got the network, knowledge and track record to succeed… but you’ve got the vision. We’re not here to make something in the background and drop it off when it’s done.

For a product to be successful it needs a collaborative effort and that means regular contact to keep you in the loop, staying focused on our priorities, and keeping you up to date on the status of your project. Our approach to communication means you’ll always have the support or answers you need the moment you need them.

We Don’t Negotiate on Quality

A viable product requires care and maintenance, not a race to the finish line. We listen to our clients, understand the big-picture vision, and work towards an end result you love.

From our first meeting, we pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you, your business and your product ideas, so you can trust the entire build process is consistent and in safe hands. Great products come from a shared pride of ownership, and that’s what we bring to the table.

Whether you’re coming from another dev team who failed to deliver on the scope of work, or you’re looking to nail your project on the first attempt, the goal is the same - build a winning product that works.

From day one, our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations. With an entire in-house team, we don’t rely on flaky freelancers or outsource your vision. Our full-service approach allows us to fully focus on your needs and deliver results.

Book a 15-Minute Discovery Call

It’s like a digital coffee date (with no hard sell)

Clients say

Great Ideas Don’t Mean a Thing Without Execution. See What Our Clients Have to Say About Pineapple.

We are overwhelmed. Not only by
the results, but also by the process
and the transparency.

Julian Marentette

Director of Marketing, Dormie Workshop


Enable really lives up their name. We're thrilled with how fast and obviously we can see progress.

Ryan Johnson

Owner at Something


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So if You’re Finally Ready to…

Take the next step in your software’s journey…

Say goodbye to flaky freelancers, budget blowouts, and missed deadlines…

And build a custom solution your users love…

Then book a discovery call now to find out how.

Book a 15-Minute Discovery Call

It’s like a digital coffee date (with no hard sell)