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Launched in 2022 Industry: Senior Living HQ in Las Vegas, NV 10+ Team Members


Launch an online marketplace to help senior living operators of all sizes find quality, free leads while simplifying the housing search for families.


Bennett’s story starts like so many other SaaS founders and entrepreneurs - he wasn’t just building a product, he was building better lives for his users. Through ZNest’s national database of senior-care living options, Bennett’s platform aimed to help senior living operators of all sizes find quality leads while simplifying the housing search for families. Through working with Pineapple, Bennett was able to put a stop to the frustrating trial and error he’d been navigating (burning through multiple co-founders in an attempt to get results). Together, with shared pride of ownership, we’ve launched a vertical SaaS marketplace that supports the senior living community while giving Bennett the tools and support he needs to continue his mission and make the greatest impact possible as a tribute to his parents.

“Pineapple has been a great help in allowing me to bring ZNest to more people and help more families.”



What Does a Disassembled Computer and Pineapple Have in Common?

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The Challenge

An Idea in Need of Scaling

Bennett was in a common position for a SaaS startup - he had the seed of an idea and an ambitious goal, but no real strategy or team to bridge the gap. This meant he was constantly under pressure to deliver results from an early stage MVP to more dynamic solutions for seed investors and early stage VCs. Making things more difficult, Bennett lacked the technical background required to support his software. Weighed down by the classic “You don’t know what you don’t know” problem, Bennett wanted to avoid being handed the keys to a dev shop without the technical knowledge required to lead them.

The Solution

Pineapple’s Holistic Approach

We set out with a holistic view of Bennett’s project. Instead of targeting a single goal - whether lead generation or a searchable database - we saw the big picture impact of ZNest and adopted a mindset that would allow Bennett to scale as his platform grew. Throughout beta testing and bug-fixing we created a user-friendly platform that allows senior living operators to claim their profiles to manage listings, upload photos and virtual tours, and utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. By providing the one thing Bennett was lacking - technical expertise - he’s now better placed to implement his mission without worrying his tech will fall short.

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The Outcome

Supporting Users Through Transparency

Bennett’s concept was to build a platform modeled on compassion, integrity and practical application to improve the quality of life for the aging population. By taking the time to understand his vision and how he wanted to deliver his product to the market, we created a product that supports all stakeholders. ZNest’s referral and commission-free database of senior living options and directory services for senior living operators has helped increase transparency among all parties, level the playing field among operators and support consumer choice.

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