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Nobody said building a digital product would be easy... but should it be this hard? We help disruptors, entrepreneurs and organizations like yours navigate the software building process, minus undue stress, costs or delays.

Here’s how we can help you create, improve & release game-changing software...

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Successful launches

Where others fail or flounder, Pineapple delivers.


Gross Revenue Generated

Cash is king. We focus on product strategy that delivers business growth.


Team members

Our bench is deep. We are able to assemble the right team with the right experience for each product


Lines of Code

And counting! From out leadership down, we are builders with decades of experience and battle tested commitment to quality.


Some of our recent clients

We deliver across a variety of disciplines from strategy to design and engineering. Tell us what you want (don’t hold back on the details) and we’ll show you how to make it happen.







Product discovery and Architecture

Building digital products is what we do, but we validate your idea long before writing a single line or code. Our approach to product discovery lays the foundation for your success by ensuring you’re solving the right problem, for the right audience, at the right time. We’ll help you...

  • Understand the needs of your target audience

    to ensure you’re designing a solution not just a product .

  • Define requirements and software architecture

    so you can move towards a solution that delivers the most function and generates optimal ROI

  • Deliver a viable product concept

    And the confidence to move forward whether you’re building an MVP or pitching to investors.

UX/UI Research and Design

Got an idea that’s fresh out of the oven? High-quality code applications come after qualitative research. We analyze your audience’s behavior, needs and motivation to help us design products that a). People need and b). People want to use. We’ll help you…

  • Prepare for important release milestones

    with clickable prototypes so you can see exactly how your product is coming to life.

  • Confidently make data driven decisions

    and say goodbye to emotionally-driven guesswork for good.

  • Go beyond “just” a pretty design

    by delivering an intuitive experience that attracts and retains customers.

Mobile and Web App Development

We don’t limit your product’s potential when developing mobile and web apps; we build solutions for any screen. By putting customer experience first, and without losing sight of your real-world business targets, we build to meet your goals, timeline and budget. We’ll help you…

  • Target the most users possible

    and grow your business by giving people the frustration-free experience they’re searching for.

  • Deliver essential client functions

    that seamlessly translate from discovery and design to the all-important build.

  • Avoid the dreaded “OMG, this app is soooo slow”

    by optimizing your mobile or web app for powerful performance.

Custom Marketing and Content Website Development

We side-step buzzwords and dodge jargon like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix. As the backbone of your business, we believe custom marketing and website development is a powerful tool to attract leads, convert new sales and nurture your current clients - and that’s exactly what we work towards. We’ll help you…

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

    with purpose-built responsive websites so you can drive meaningful results across all devices.

  • Deliver a user-friendly and customer-focused experience

    that attracts new clients without frustrating bugs, downtime or disruption.

  • Enjoy the advantages of quality software development

    whether saving time, saving money, driving ROI, or simply holding on to your sanity.

eCommerce Design and Development

From content creation to conversion we design and develop Shopify stores that effortlessly align with your business objectives. We’re talking about an intuitive, user-friendly, sales-focused and market-ready store with minimal fuss. *Cha Ching*. Did you hear that? It’s the digital cash register ringing. We’ll help you…

  • Seamlessly manage integration and configuration

    so you can add payment gateways or custom functionality without unnecessary headaches.

  • Drive sales and generate more revenue

    because a good lookin’ site is nice, but a good lookin’ site that sells is even better.

  • Save time and avoid headaches

    with a responsive, user-friendly and customer-focused store that does what you need, when you need it.

Strategy, Consulting and “Fractional CTO” Services

High-impact strategy and consulting support doesn’t need to be time-consuming or place pressure on your budget. Like a trusted friend (who happens to be an expert in technology development, leadership and management), we’ll support you to minimize costs and maximize ROI. We’ll help you…

  • Turn your vision into reality

    so you can grow your business and work towards your exciting big picture goals.

  • Maintain a competitive and productive approach

    that helps control your budget and timeline with no nasty surprises.

  • Keep costs low

    by replacing the costly hire of a full-time tech expert with agile and flexible support on your terms.



Happy clients.

“Pineapple helped us bring Dormie Workshop to more golf lovers and grow the business.”

Julian Marentette

Julian Marentette

Marketing Director at Dormie Workshop


“Pineapple helped us bring Poker Power to more women and drive greater industry change.”

Erin Lydon

Erin Lydon

President at Poker Power


“Pineapple has been a great help in allowing me to bring ZNest to more people and help more families.”

Bennett Kim

Bennett Kim

CEO at ZNest


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It’s time to unleash your software on the world without worrying about missed deadlines, budget blowouts of performance problems. When you work with us, we’ll geek out over the process and bring your vision to life so you can reach your goals with confidence.

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