An elegant strategy and design executed fast and to perfection

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An elegant strategy and design executed fast and to perfection

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Hey, We’re Anthony and Adam…

And we’re behind Pineapple, a world-class custom software development company that’s grown from $0 to over $4M in revenue in just 3 years.

How did we make that happen?

With a proven process that’s delivered hundreds of apps for entrepreneurs, founders and business owners who needed help turning their “lightbulb moment” ideas into awesome products.

Unlike other outsourced development shops, Pineapple is run by engineers. We’re not just founders, we’re nerdy coders ourselves and serve as development managers and mentors for the team.

More than anything, we believe building apps has unlimited potential and it’s our goal to help you realize yours.


Anthony Wentzel

Partner and CEO

Adam Duro

Partner and Chief Architect